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Build streamlined, fast and resilient delivery pipelines with BluePi

• Are you spending too much time on deployments hampering your innovation?
• Are you facing downtime because of implementation failures, resource limitations and roll backs?
• Have you automated your source code deployment?
• Have you containerized your applications, embraced microservices architecture?
• Have you adopted DevOps best practices?
BluePi can help you with implementing DevOps practices in your organization. BluePi a DevOps competency partner can help you modernize the delivery practices to build, test, deploy and manage code, achieve faster time to market, eliminating redundancies and manual activities, deploy through automation.
BluePi can help you build production grade kubernetes platform, containerize applications, running microservices on kubernetes. Our Experts can help you build a complete automated deployment pipeline.

Kubernetes and Containerization

Do you know according to latest user survey more than 38% of the enterprise have started using containers in production?
Have you started the kubernetes journey yet?
BluePi can help you achieve your containerization goal building the production grade, fault tolerant, scalable, elastic Kubernetes platform for your workloads. Our Team of experts can help you adopt microservices based architecture, containerize your application, deploy, scale and manage your applications on Kubernetes.

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